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For Immediate Release
March 9, 2011
Jayne Blanchard

CAMY Statement on the FTC's Plans to Study the Alcohol Industry's Voluntary Marketing Guidelines

“Statement from David H. Jernigan PhD, Director of the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health”

Baltimore, MD -  "The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) announcement Tuesday of plans to review the self-regulatory efforts of the alcohol beverage industry is commendable. The FTC last looked at this issue in 2008.  Since then, CAMY has released several reports showing the inadequacy of the industry’s current threshold for placing advertising that reaches underage audiences.  Our most recent TV report found that youth exposure to alcohol advertising in that medium actually increased faster than either young adult (ages 21 to 34) or adult exposure since the adoption of the industry’s current standard.  While monitoring industry’s compliance with their advertising codes is welcome, the current standards do not protect young people from overexposure to alcohol advertising. CAMY, the Institute of Medicine and 20 state attorneys general have called for tighter standards.  The FTC’s move to collect information on industry practices in digital and social media is also a significant development.  It is unclear that either the industry’s codes or government oversight has kept up with the industry’s move into social media."


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